Personalized Meditations 

Personalized Meditations for Your Unique Journey

Welcome to our bespoke meditation experience, where your goals and aspirations become the heart of your practice. Our personalized meditations offer a transformative journey tailored to your specific need.

How It Works

Choose Your Focus

Decide on the theme of your meditation — whether it's goal manifestation, breath awareness, relaxation, destressing, or a specialized session like Yoga Nidra or a Cacao Ceremony.

Provide Your Details:

Share the details you'd like incorporated into your meditation through our convenient Google form. The more information you provide, the more personalized and impactful your meditation will be.


Secure your personalized 10 minute meditation by making a payment of €15 in advance. We accept payments through stripe. See payment link below.

Creation Process:

Allow approximately one week for us to carefully craft your personalized meditation. For longer meditations or special requests, feel free to email us, and we can discuss a suitable arrangement.

Why Choose Personalized Meditations

Tailored to You

Our meditations are uniquely crafted to align with your individual goals, intentions, and desires.

Daily Visualization

Perfect for those with specific goals, providing a daily meditation practice to visualize and manifest your aspirations.

Versatile Options

Whether you seek relaxation, stress relief, breath awareness, or specialized sessions, we cater to your unique needs.

Transform Your Meditation Practice Today

Experience the power of personalized meditation designed exclusively for you.  

Note: Longer meditation options are available upon request. 

For inquiries or customizations: 

please email us at