Corporate Wellness

Elevate Your Corporate Wellness 

We offer Corporate breathwork and yoga sessions, as well as personalised online courses suited to your company's needs and goals.

At Breathe Better Yoga, we're redefining corporate wellness. Our tailored offerings are designed to empower your team and enhance their well-being, driving success within your organization.

In-Person Classes 

 Holistic Wellbeing

Our experienced instructor Kelly offers a variety of in-person classes, from revitalizing breathwork to relaxing chair yoga. 

We're committed to promoting better physical and mental health, helping your employees release stress and improve productivity.

Monthly Workshops 

 Ongoing Growth

Elevate your employees' well-being with our engaging monthly workshops. 

Dive into breathwork, yoga, and mindfulness practices, providing your team with the tools they need to thrive, both personally and professionally.

An Online Platform 

Lasting Transformation

Experience a transformational journey with our exclusive online courses. 

We can provide completely customizable programs which are tailored to help your employees achieve lasting well-being and personal growth.

Why choose us?

By selecting Breathe Better Yoga, you're making a strategic investment in your team's focus, attentiveness, and overall productivity. Together, we'll cultivate a corporate culture that prioritizes the well-being of your employees, laying the foundation for heightened success and satisfaction. 

With a proven track record of collaborating with local businesses in Limerick, we bring a valuable experience to tailor our wellness solutions to the unique needs of your team. 

Let's elevate your workplace environment and empower your employees to be more productive and work focused.

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Unlock Your Team's Potential. 

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