Breathwork & Yoga Studio

Based in Limerick city 

We offer weekly classes and monthly workshops in Limerick city

Weekly Classes

Kelly offers weekly classes in Limerick city. From Yoga & Breathwork at the Museum, to Hatha Yoga or Breathwork at Angel Times, there's a class for everyone. All levels welcome. Completely beginner friendly!

Monthly Workshops

Kelly offers monthly workshops in Limerick city. Join a Cacao & Sound Bath workshop at Angel Times on a Friday evening or maybe Sip & Stretch: Cocktail Yoga at the Wickham on a Thursday night! Everyone welcome!

7-Day Online Courses

Elevate Your Breath, Transform Your Life

Breath Awakening

Uncover the power of your breath with our transformative "Breath Awakening" course. Available now, this course guides you through foundational practices, providing a gateway to deeper, more mindful breathing.

Renewed Energy

Our 7-day Journey to Renewed Energy breathwork course invites you to revitalize your being. Immerse yourself in a week-long exploration of breathwork techniques designed to energize, uplift, and renew your mind and body.

Meet Kelly

About the owner of Breathe Better Yoga

Meet Kelly, your guide at Breathe Better Yoga. With a deep passion for Breathwork and yoga, Kelly is a certified Yoga instructor and Breathwork specialist. Coupled with a creative spirit, Kelly's innovative approach and commitment to exceptional instruction ensure you receive top-quality professionalism. Welcome to your wellness journey with Kelly!

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Other Services we offer:

Empowering Breathwork experiences for all 

Whether online or for Corporate wellness, our transformative sessions cater to diverse needs, bringing balance and better well-being for all.


Find out more about our online classes coming soon. We also offer one-to-one privates online.


We offer Corporate breathwork and yoga sessions, as well as access to our online studio.